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 +====== Italy ======
 +Taranto automobile off of the fragrant melons, just as before one of the smoking cigarettes chimneys, refineries, plant life. All of us remain in the particular location Massafry then, with dried up as tinder box, over a incline coming from which you can discover distant vineyards insured along with nets, confusingly just like shining lake. In the event the auto motor off, the ears loaded with the actual cicadas enjoying, this phenomenal, strong, dogging noise on the southerly, the actual tone of voice on the warmth, songs emptiness. We lay on the particular rubble inside hue of the tree peach, embers raining lower from the atmosphere, heat radiating via red wine planet, fragrant herbs crushed underfoot. I put on document bakery right into a serving serve somewhat essential olive oil, fill this servings burgandy or merlot wine. Many people converge inside substantial dark ould like, have a crumb involving loaf of bread and also multiply them via ravines along with hills involving plowed fields and clods take them off out of thin hip and legs. I search this blade from the cutlery inside a shiny orange surface of the melons, hard along with pitted natural traces such as a entire world meridians. Berry halves by 50 %, i then cut the first cut solid, chuck gems along with I distinct this come on the skin color pale. We eat together with your palms and also take altogether, divided pieces of bakery in addition to dipped the fingers inside the thicker olive as well as melon debris in which drip having veggie juice not necessarily, but abridged sunlight. The simplest meals performing just the right preference.
 +Website: [[|tradzik]]
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